Renown Engineering has extremely high levels of fabrication expertise and facilities to provide complex metal fabrication and welding services from our Cramlington facility.

Renown utilises the latest welding techniques to produce components and structures in a wide range of fabrications, particularly steel fabrication. Our highly qualified welders are approved to ASME IX, BSEN and AWS standards.

Fabrication and welding capabilities

  • Metal fabrication of up to 10 tonnes (external crane hire allows up to 20 tonnes)
  • 20,000 sqft. of dedicated fabrication space
  • Fabrication of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 4KW laser profiling
  • CMM inspection
  • Standards in MIG, TIG and MMA
  • NDT testing to individual customer requirements

Fabrication & Welding Services


Fabrication and welding: A short guide


Renewable energy offshore wind fabrication project

(Case Study)

Oil and gas 100mm welding project

(Case Study)

Subsea oil and gas fabrication project

(Case Study)

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Our 4KW laser profiling machinery produces dimensionally accurate components with high repeatability. Renown designs and utilises jigs and fixtures to ensure consistency of manufacture of batch components.

This utilisation of leading edge technology and our highly qualified welders provide Renown Engineering with the capability to produce top quality results for our clients.

Our quality assurance involves rigorous inspection procedures that can include the use of CMM to ensure compliance with individual customers

High Build Epoxy is also available, which provides excellent resistance to wear, acidic contact and industrial usage whilst retaining an attractive aesthetic.


Multi-discipline, class approved, on site welding offers our customers a range of specialist skills coupled with over 25 years of experience ensuring high integrity welding processes.

Each welder is regularly audited to ensure conformance to numerous specifications and standards in MIG, TIG and MMA.

A dedicated metal fabrication and welding areas ensures no cross contamination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We provide certified in-house NDT testing to individual customer requirements.